We’ve all been there, we’ve all looked at all the new phones out there and wished to have the latest one. And with all the new phones coming out, it’s a bit hard not to buy one. The latest features that we’re seeing these days involve waterfall screens, 90Hz displays, insanely fast wired and wireless charging, as well as some other amazing camera features that pretty much every person is looking to have on their smartphone. If you’re one of those people, then you sure as hell should prepare yourself for one of the most amazing sets of smartphones that have come out in the month of October. Many gadget geeks go as far as to call this month Techtober as well.

Anyway, let’s go over our top picks for the best smartphones to have right now and see what they have to offer you as their value proposition. The phones are placed in no particular order and they’re all just listed so that you can compare them and decide what the most important thing is for you.

1) OnePlus 7T Pro

We have the fastest phone on the market to start us off. The OnePlus brand has been growing exponentially in recent times and it’s not hard to see why. Their flagship devices come at a killer price and with such an affordable price it’s a bit hard not to say yes to this kind of offer. The model sports an amazing 90Hz OLED display which has amazing colors and a fast response time as you’d imagine being that this is a 90Hz refresh rate screen. Then there’s the fact that the internals of the phone are some of the most amazing ones on the market. For example, you have the latest Snapdragon 855+ chipset as well as an 8GB internal RAM storage with UFS 3.0 rewrite speeds for the internal ROM as well. You can play any game you wish on this beast, including Grand Fuck Auto.

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro

The Samsung lineup has always been interesting to say the least. From their budget and midrange phones, to the beasts which are from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups, we have had some really amazing phones come from Samsung and Note 10 is no exception. Of course, we went for the Note 10 Pro because it’s slightly bigger and better than the Note 10, but if you have smaller hands then you should probably consider the latter instead of the Pro version. But let’s be honest, with hands like that it will be pretty hard to enjoy yourself with some Gay Sex Games. But hey, you can still try it out and see how you like it!

3) Google Pixel 4 XL

Now, from Google we have a very specific phone that won’t be for everyone, but only for people who really need the features that it comes with. The thing that is the most interesting about this phone is the camera, which has some of the best picture quality out of any smartphone camera out there. Also, Google finally added a second 2x telephoto lens which is capable of taking some tremendous macro shots. Finally, there’s the forehead which is hard to ignore because of how ugly it is, but it’s there for a reason. The forehead has all of the new sensors which are used to detect your face and unlock your phone without the need of a fingerprint reader. And as you’ll notice, Google Pixel 4 XL comes without a fingerprint reader, optical under the screen or otherwise.

4) iPhone 11 Pro Max

While many people don’t even consider iPhone if they own an Android device, there’s a case to be made these days about getting an iPhone instead of the latest Android flagship device. As it stands right now, you can get the latest iPhone for just over a thousand dollars, which is around the same price as the flagship Android phones. While it doesn’t have as crazy of a spec sheet on paper, it does have very good cooperation between the Apple hardware and the Apple software which runs on the iPhone (iOS). And with such a speedy design, you can hope for some really smooth Hentai Fighting Games action to go on if that’s what you want to use your phone for. Overall, while there are some cheaper Android alternatives, the iPhone might still be an interesting choice.