HONOR introduced a new accessory-Mini Bluetooth speaker. Different from previous smart speakers. This Mini Bluetooth speaker will return the focus of experience to playing music itself. It is purer in function, bringing the Bluetooth speaker’s job to an extreme. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small volume, double combination stereo and answering phone calls. Further enriching the applicable scenes of the product. Consumers only need to buy HONOR Mini Speaker to build their own home theaters. 

HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker weighs less than 120g. And it has a length, width and height of about 5 cm. It gives the impression of being small and simple as a whole. Even girls with small hands can hold it with one hand. At the same time, the red color matching improves the quality of the sound box. It can even be used as an ornament on the table and blends into various decorative styles. 

There is only one function key on the body. We can complete all operations by clicking or double clicking. The sound box is surrounded by a layer of silicone sleeve. Not only does it make the “grip” of the sound box comfortable. But it also strengthens the protection of the sound box and makes it have better waterproof and dust proof properties. It is worth mentioning that this silicone sleeve can be removed and replaced. It can better meet the personalized requirements of users. 

Having said the appearance design of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker. Let’s look at its sound quality. The HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker features with a 3W full-frequency speaker. It can cover frequencies of 50-25000Hz. The most intuitive feeling given by this structure is that the volume is large enough. 

There is an independent bass diaphragm at the bottom of the sound box. This is specially designed to enhance bass performance. When playing music, after the moving coil unit in the sound box vibrates. The air in the box body will drive the diaphragm to contract. And it will relax with the rhythm of the music. Driving more air to flow, improving the performance of the small sound box in low frequency. 

In addition, if you have two HONOR Mini Bluetooth speakers, you can have dual combination stereo. Only one of the speakers needs to be connected to the mobile phone first. Then double-click the function button to enter TWS pairing mode. And the other speaker can be approached to realize automatic pairing. At this time, playing music is stereo mode. The two speakers play left and right channels respectively. Forming a stereo HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker, which sounds like another brand-new experience. 

On the one hand, you can use two small speakers to build a mini home cinema to make watching movies more immersive. On the other hand, the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker itself is easy to carry and can be taken out. If a group of people happen to have two small speakers, they can combine to bring better sound experience. Whether it’s going out for a party or exercising, it’s a good choice to play music to drive the atmosphere. 

For a Bluetooth speaker, the performance of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker can be described as excellent. The functions of high volume sub woofer, one-handed grip and dual combination stereo ensure its high-quality use experience.