Interacting with guests at your corporate event is your number one objective. After all, that is why you are hosting the event in the first place. Using social media, influencers as well as encouraging suppliers and clients to have booths of their own are all great ways to boost brand awareness, but offering something unique is what sticks in people’s memories.

Interaction with your guests, while they are in front of you, is vital. Failure to do so represents a missed opportunity, an opportunity you will never get back. It is for this reason why portable printers are a must-have item for your corporate event. You could even consider hiring a photo booth in Malaysia to take it to the next level and create lasting memories!

Here are a few reasons why you should use a portable printer at your next event.

1. More Powerful Marketing

Anything that can be done immediately is far more powerful. Making clients or prospects wait allows them to lose interest and potentially look elsewhere. You can market your product or services right there by using a portable printer that takes up little room and produces excellent results. Print images of the event, merchandise or perhaps even contracts to close deals. The options are endless.

2. Builds Excitement

Being able to produce something almost instantly creates excitement. Your clients and guests will be waiting eagerly for the results that may prompt a rapid buying decision. The increasing excitement will inevitably attract others, promoting your product further. You could perhaps even include a compere on the stalls to intensify the emotion. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is an incredibly powerful sales aid so; make sure you take full advantage of it.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

If you can print images at your event, it gives you the opportunity to build brand loyalty. For instance, if you invite influencers or famous guests along you could give other attendees a photo and maybe and autograph opportunity. These are one-off opportunities that you have to capture immediately and will make your event more memorable. The association with the event and your brand is a significant factor when trying to build brand loyalty.

4. Fun and Practical

In the digital age where everybody is taking photos and selfies, a hard copy of a picture is something almost unique. You can put images in a wallet with your brand emblazoned on it to again increase brand awareness. It is a simple, fun and very practical way to get your brand known and your event remembered.

5. Use Social Media

Of course, portable printers are fantastic for the reasons already discussed, but if you are printing photos of your event for guests, why not put them on social media too? It will mean that they are viewed by a wider audience, giving you a chance for further interactions. Of course, it depends on what you are printing for what you post, but if it’s interesting, why waste the opportunity?