When raising a child, one of the most important decisions a parent can make is where to send the child to school. In many cases, parents have government-funded public schools where everyone in the community sends their children, but in a bustling international city like Bangkok, there are too many options to choose from. Searching for a proper preschool in Bangkok can seem like a daunting task; however, with so many great options, the decision can be quite simple.

Parents want the preschool in Bangkok they choose to be perfect because preschool provides the foundation for all future education and social development. Plus, starting at the age of 2 or 3, your child’s Bangkok preschool will be where they are spending most of their time growing. 

If you are a new or expecting parent and want to understand further which attributes of a Bangkok preschool are the most important to look out for, we have you covered.


No, this is not an overstatement. The curriculum is one of the key components of a preschool despite sounding grander than it is. A preschool curriculum is not one that is focused on learning hard skills or information like one would expect in a middle or high school curriculum. In contrast, preschool curricula are primarily focused on social and aptitude development. 

It is important to understand what curriculum is used at the school before considering enrolling your child there. One of the most popular and comprehensive curricula is EYFS. EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage and is the official curriculum for all students under the age of five in the UK. Since the late 2010s, when EYFS was established, schools around the world have adopted this curriculum.

EYFS is taught at many Bangkok preschools. Many will be quite forward about using this curriculum as if it is a badge of honor. That said, if the school is run by American educators or other non-UK educators, they may not use EYFS. But that doesn’t mean their curriculum is not up to par!

Balanced Learning

Preschools are a time for social and cognitive learning, a balance of which needs to be held delicately. Preschool-age students are too young to learn things like math and science, making it better for them to learn things like how to interact with other students in a respectful manner. Soft skills like this are critical to a child’s development and can set them on a path to be successful adults.

Learning these skills needs to be balanced with other growth activities. Games and puzzles that exercise the brain help students learn adjacently. Plus, playing helps exercise the body, especially if playing is done outdoors. 


If you haven’t lived in Bangkok for a long time, you may underestimate the traffic. Traffic in the city and nearby suburbs can be debilitating and turn a 5-minute drive into a 45-minute trek. When you have young children, you don’t want to be wasting your and their time in the car commuting to your Bangkok preschool.