Photo: TidyChoice

Maintaining a clean and tidy home helps you to maintain a clean and tidy life.  When all the chaos of the day is over, the feeling of walking into an orderly home is unbeatable.  Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your home is possibly one of the best forms of self-care.

It’s not uncommon to have a little trouble getting into the habit of keeping your home in order, so don’t feel bad if the current state of your place is less than perfection.  Take a few moments to check out some simple habits you can work into your life to maintain a more clean and tidy home. You can also see more on this page.

Make a shoe rule in your house

Shoes carry a lot of dirty things around the house, and it’s just better to take them off when you enter your home.  Don’t track the dirt from the day through your house. Setup a shoe rack just inside the front door for easy storage and access.  

Taking your shoes off at the door will make maintaining clean floors much easier.  It will also cut down on the “oops” stains from mud and other unsavory things that get stuck on your shoes.  

Always put things back in their place 

It’s helpful to make a habit of putting things back in their rightful place.  First, they must have a place, making organization and decluttering your home the true first step in controlling the chaos.  

Once you train yourself to return things to their rightful place as soon as you’re finished using them, you’ll notice that cleaning the house becomes a bit more simple.  Training the rest of the household to follow suit might be a bit more challenging.  

Make a chore list and follow it 

Regularly cleaning the surfaces in your home will keep it sanitized and help to keep the spread of sickness in your home.  Use “clean” cleaning chemicals to sanitize your home.  When one person in the household gets sick, the others don’t have to follow suit.  

Make a cleaning chore list for yourself (and others in the household), and set aside some time each day to get a few things done around the house.  A constant effort to maintain order and cleanliness will help eliminate the need to clean for hours one day a week.  

Get in the habit of making your bed 

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of making your bed every day when you are done sleeping.  Making your bed gets you started on the right foot, and it gives you a heads up on the day’s tidying techniques.  

Shower at the beginning of your day 

Starting your day off with a shower is another great way to get your body ready for a productive performance.  End your shower with cool water to close up all your pores and invigorate your system. It may sound like an awful way of doing things, but give it a try.