It’s unfortunate that despite what’s going on around the world, there are still people who won’t even accept the reality of climate change. They deny that it exists and won’t take steps to save the environment. 

Leaving them alone is no longer an option. At this point, you have to find a way to talk to them and let them know that saving the environment is a collective action. For some of them, it’s not only about denial, but also influencing others to have the same beliefs. You can’t allow them to succeed because it’s easier to be lazy than to stand up and do something. 

The problem is that in talking to these climate change deniers, you end up getting stressed out. They don’t budge, and they will insist that their beliefs are right. Even if they don’t have any correct sources, or they already have incorrect arguments, they will keep on arguing with you. These are some tips to help you engage in a meaningful conversation with them. 

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Find the right time

You can’t just sit at a table with people you don’t know and argue about climate change. Even if you’re right, your approach is irritating. Therefore, you need to find the right time to ensure that the other party is in good spirits to discuss things with you. 

Start with your family

Before you even think about talking to strangers, you can start with your family. You won’t feel too stressed when you have to argue with them, because they’re family. At some point, you might hate them for their inability to comprehend, but you will still love them and continue having a conversation. 

Don’t argue with the objective of changing minds

You will feel even more stressed when your goal is to change the mind of the person you’re talking to. Make sure that your goal is only to have a conversation and see where it goes. The decision to believe in climate change is still in the hands of the person that you have the discussion with. 

Don’t take things personally

Never engage in a personal attack. You can’t take the discussion personally. Even if you get attacked, you can’t do the same. However, if you get attacked because of your sincerity in saving the environment, you need to prove that you are. Make sure that you do things at home that protect the environment. If you can properly dispose of waste, it would be great.

You can’t give up discussing with people. It’s okay even if you don’t change minds now as long as you keep people engaged. At some point, there will be changes in perceptions, and it will be a step in the right direction. You already saw the terrible impact of human actions on the environment. Now is the time to take bolder steps to rectify the problem.