What part of your weekday excites you most? Perhaps, given that things are usually the same, there’s nothing to look forward to. You dread going to work. You even hate waking up early. If there’s one thing that gives you excitement, it could be your shower time. 

At this time, you don’t have to think about anything else. You’re alone with your thoughts. You stay away from work for a while and won’t even have to think about your family. It could be the only time when you could feel genuinely relaxed.

As such, you must condition yourself for shower time. Once you prepare to go inside the bathroom, you have to leave your negative thoughts aside and start to feel good; otherwise, you’re going to waste that part of the day that you look forward to enjoying.

It’s only for a few minutes

Don’t feel guilty that your shower time seems like you’re running away from responsibilities. You also shouldn’t keep thinking about work since you already spent several hours on that. Besides, your shower time will only be for a few minutes. Once you finish, you will head back to reality. You have to take care of your family again and start doing your other tasks. Therefore, a few minutes to shower in peace isn’t a bad thing.

You need to recharge

People are like cellphones in a way. At some point, you run out of power and feel drained. You can’t be productive when you don’t have enough power. As such, it’s helpful if you find things that will help you recharge to continue again. You need to pause for a while so that you can face new obstacles head-on. Once you get drained, you will start to feel stressed and won’t be the best version of yourself.

Do the things you love

Apart from bathing, you can also take time to read a book, watch your favourite shows or listen to relaxing music. You can do all of them with the few minutes that you have inside the shower room. You will then remind yourself that you’re working hard to have beautiful moments like that. There might even be some days when you arrive home late and can’t take a long shower. It’s unfortunate, so you have to make the most of the next chance that you have.

Enjoy every minute

You work for eight hours inside the office, and you spend a few more hours to take care of your family. The few minutes you have to shower are special. You have to savour every moment since it will be several hours more before you can do it again. You might even invest in the best steam showers so that you can elevate your shower experience. 

Everyone deserves a special time of the day for relaxation. If bathing gives you that opportunity, you have to enjoy it. You work hard, and you need to relax.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/OVcOQIJYqPA