Unfortunately, most everyone has to experience an unpleasant hospital visit once in their lifetime. Breaking a bone, getting very ill, or having an accident are just parts of everyday life. The worst part about it is that depending on the injury or disease, recovery time can take weeks or months to be completed. For example, lipo recovery time from RCMC Medical can be about a week, still much shorter than most. Being stuck in a bed or hospital room for days on end can be a boring and unproductive experience. But how can you make the most of this new downtime? Other than watching tv and scrolling social media, of course. Let’s look at some productive things you can do while your body recovers from an injury, disease, or surgery. 

Call A Friend Or Family Member

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Recovering from a disease, operation, or injury can be a lonely experience if no one is around your vicinity. Maybe everyone is at work or your college roommate is at class? Using this recovery time to strengthen and rebuild important relationships is a great idea. Haven’t talked to your mom in a while? You should give her a call. Haven’t been keeping up with that friend that moved to another state? You should pencil in some time to talk to them. Maintaining relationships is important to have a happy life, and being immobile for a period of time is a good time to do just that. 

Read A Book

It seems like reading has been on the decline for most age groups as technology has become more and more prevalent in our lives: it’s more fun to watch Netflix than it is to read a book to most people. However, reading books have benefits and advantages that other things can’t beat. Strengthening your mental state and increasing your reading time and vocabulary are things that will help in most aspects of your life. Also, reading can help relieve stress and boost your creativity by whisking you away to a completely different world. 

Do Some Writing

Similar to reading, writing is a fantastic way to pass the time. You don’t need to write a novel to write. You can journal about yourself, write a friend, make lists, or just write for a creative outlet. For more specificity, here is what to do after a foot or ankle surgery