In considering a custom cable provider for your business needs, you will need to work with the best in the industry. Meridian Cable is the leading provider in custom cables and cable assembly. These types of services are used for medical facilities, automotive, within the military, industrial projects and much more. Having a professional and experienced team of experts will provide you with peace of mind knowing that the job will be done to your exact requirements. Having the proper cables can play a crucial role inside of the specific industries that you work within or around in some form or fashion.

Within the communication and electronic industry, cables are one of the most commonly used items and using general cables are not always the best solution. You may need to have custom cables designed for you from scratch and this is an option. This type of skill set is unique. Therefore, you will want to entrust your needs to a company that can get the job done.

Meridian Cable‘s manufacturing and assembly firm have been around for over 25 years and they have a team of certified experts who are equipped with vast knowledge and expertise to create and design for your company’s needs. It is Meridian’s goal to produce the highest quality products. Services span across multiple Industries: broadcasting, telecommunications, and the military, just to name a few. Currently, the company has two locations– St. Augustine, Florida and Tanggu, China.

A custom cable design can meet many specific needs. In a medical emergency, the tools that are used will be connected electronically, most likely through a cable, and the materials that the cables are made of must adhere to strict policies and regulations, this is why Meridian will be the best choice. The company takes care of these meticulous needs with its expert team who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience with design as well as suggestions for you. The design team on staff create custom cable assemblies for over 70% of their clients and they believe strongly in personally connecting with their clients so that relationships are formed which makes for great communication.

With Meridian, your company can take pleasure in is knowing that their products have been tested at 100% for integrity continuity, functionality and polarity while also working within your specific projects’ budget. Advanced testing and inspection equipment are used to ensure the highest performance and are verified by the expert teams on staff. The company will work with you one-on-one and your specific needs will receive personal attention. You will also find they have a very broad and extensive range of materials in specific sizes, and you will be able to customize the sizes, colors, thickness, insulation materials, fillers, shields, cable types and more.

In choosing Meridian cable your needs will be met. The company has over two decades invested in partnering with many companies to help successfully fulfill their needs. They believe in full communication concerning your design features, full disclosure is shared with quality control testing procedures. How your materials will be labeled as well as how your products will be shipped to you are thoroughly communicated as well. Your concerns are important in giving you the results that you need and they are listened to and heard. Your companies requirements are discussed with specifics to what you want and recommendations are given concerning certain materials and processes are given. They understand installation conditions and manufacturing processes that will need to be implemented.

Having a custom cable design manufactured will give you satisfaction in knowing that your unique needs are being met. In partnering with Meridian you will certainly receive top-notch service and professional results.