So, you’re taking into consideration the possibility of studying in America, which is largely perceived as the holy grail of higher education. The United States accommodates some of the most highly valued international education institutions, value that is mostly generated by students coming from China, Canada, and so on. Choosing where to study is difficult, to say the least. There are countless options, so you end up overwhelmed. 

Let’s make things a little bit simpler. Get a degree from a top university. As mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of options if you’re going to study in America. Although companies are making an effort to create more inclusive recruiting processes to broaden the applicant pool and reduce the importance of top degrees, we haven’t seen drastic changes. Here’s the list of the top universities in the United States. Getting into your school of choice isn’t impossible. 

Princeton University 

Princeton has its rightful place in the Ivy League. Just to remind you, the Ivy League is made up of the most prestigious universities. What makes Princeton stand out is the high graduation rate. Roughly 90 percent of students finish their studies and go on to embrace major careers. You can study architecture, computer science, comparative literature, psychology, just to name a few. The academic experience doesn’t come as the expense of a social life. The student body is diverse, not to mention how friendly everyone is. Princeton is located in New Jersey, southwest of the state of New York. 

Harvard University 

If you’ve watched American movies before, you certainly know about Harvard. It’s one of the United State’s oldest universities and one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.  If you were to get accepted, you’d indeed be lucky because it holds a high position in the 美国大学排名. There are numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities to choose from, so you can do whatever you like. If law isn’t your cup of tea, you can study engineering and technology, natural sciences, and management. Take your pick. As far as the extracurricular activities are concerned, there are many clubs and organizations to choose from. Crimson is all about journalism while Lampoon is strictly about comedy. 

Columbia University 

Last but certainly not least, Columbia isn’t a university you should neglect. It has an impeccable reputation, in addition to the highly successful graduates. As an example, let’s mention Warren Buffet and Jake Gyllenhaal. The internship opportunities help students obtain job offers for when they graduate. Columbia is an important research university, so you get the chance to work alongside professionals in your field of study. At the end of the day, going to Columbia depends on what you really want. So, think your decision through. The fact is that Columbia has something for everyone, which means that the likelihood of finding what you’re looking for is extremely high. 

If you’re interested in getting a top education, it’s important not to forget about other universities, such as Carnegie Mellon or the University of Pennsylvania. There’s no shortage of options when it comes down to getting a good education.

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