Winning on a slot machine may look pretty easy and straightforward as all you need to do is to click on the spin button, or you can even put it on the Autoplay mode. However, in reality, it’s a far more complex system. Yes, online casino slots at Slotzo do pay easy money but what they don’t do is pay higher amounts. Online casinos offer such a large number of slot machines because they attract many new players to the platform looking for some quick bucks. However, the hidden agenda behind such an abundance of slot machines is that they provide hefty profits to the online platforms over the long run. So, what looks easy might not be that profitable for players after all. A couple of factors affect players’ chances of scoring some big payouts from classic fruit machines.

RTP (Return to Players) 

RTP or Return to Players is the least percentage of the wagered money that a slot machine promises to return to the players. For instance, if a slot machine offers a 96% RTP, then it is meant to return 0.96 of every dollar wagered during a session. But is it really true? Well, to some extent, yes, it is true. However, the RTP becomes a little controversial because most of the players don’t earn even a single penny after spending a whole day spinning the reels. It is simply because relying alone on the RTP is not enough as there are other factors involved too.


Variance or risk factor is simply a perimeter that how much of risk it will be to put your money on a particular slot. It means how much money you will have to pay to achieve a winning combination in simple words. For instance, if you’re playing a low variance game, then the payouts will be quick. On the other hand, if you choose to wager on a high variance game, the payments will come slowly. So the question is, why should we play high variance slots at all? Well, the answer is that the high variance slots come with higher RTPs. Besides, there is also another factor to consider.


As the name clearly implicates, a slot’s volatility is the value that tells us if the wins will be volatile or not. In other words, if you’ll get quick but small payouts or slow but bigger payouts. So, when high volatility when combined with high RTP and Low Variance can produce some quick and easy payouts. However, if you are looking to make some big bucks, you should look for low volatility, higher RTP, and Higher Variance. Using the high variance, you’ll be giving games a chance to roll out those big payouts based on the lower volatility.


So the answer to the question that how hard it is to win on slot machines is not that easy. You can decide for yourself if you want some quick and easy bucks or you want to work hard for those big payouts. It depends on you and of course your luck too.