The Random Number Generator is a data processing algorithm used by online gambling facilities and games such as slot machines. It is the core program that guarantees that no one can manipulate a slot machine’s results to their advantage.

In this article, we try to consider the principle of operation algorithm and try to see if RNG is really that important for a slot machine or if it is just a publicity term used by online casinos. Understanding RNG might not help you win those enormous jackpots, but it will surely make you understand the online gambling industry’s overall understanding and especially mobile slots pay by phone bill games. So, let’s start by finding out what RNG actually is.

What is an RNG?

A Random Number Generator is a data computing program that creates a sequence of theoretically independent symbols and does not follow a mathematical sequence. The RNGs are computer-based algorithms that are set to generate random sequences up to a number.

RNG is the core on which the whole online gambling industry is standing. Without the presence of RNGs, it would be highly unlikely that anyone would like to spend even a dime on online casinos and slot machines.

Is it Possible to Generate a True Random Number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to come up with a truly random number. There has to be some sort of formula or sequence that gets a specific value and evaluates the next number based on the previous value. For instance, you’ll have to add, subtract, divide, or multiply 2 with any number to come up with the next number. However, for the slot machines, RNG is based on such large formulas that it might repeat the sequence after several thousand spins. Therefore, for a player spinning the reels a hundred times, the results will be somewhat RNG.

Is RNG Important For Slot Machines?

Well, RNG might not be that important after all. Because the only thing matters for slot players is on which part of the sequence they are playing the game. If it’s the part where only smaller payouts will be generated, or is it the part where a jackpot will be triggered. So, there comes the luck, and that’s what gambling is all about, isn’t it?

However, RNG becomes important while deciding the reliability and fairness of a slot machine or an online casino.

Can RNG be Manipulated?

Theoretically, yes, it’s a computer program, and it can be manipulated to generate the desired result, but the real question is, do online casinos manipulate the random number generators? The answer will be no; online casinos do not and cannot manipulate a game’s code. Why? Because the licensing authorities don’t allow them to do so. Online casinos are bound to promote fair gambling practices by the licensing authorities. So, even if a slot machine is based on a sequence, online casinos cannot manipulate that sequence to generate desired results as it will be a scam, and that’s prohibited by law.