Bangkok is home to some of the most beautifully designed houses and apartment complexes in all of Thailand. In downtown Bangkok, nearly every has at least one luxury skyrise, catering to the city’s elites who cherish ornate fixtures and fancy furnishings. One of the best places for people with fancy homes to buy luxury furniture is CDC. There, shoppers can find a range of furniture options from multiple different reputable retailers.

Luxury furniture from CDC will help complete any raw space or help build character within a home. Fortunately, with so many great stores to choose from, you are likely to find furniture that matches your exact style. 

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Here’s what you can expect from shopping for luxury furniture at CDC.

What is CDC

CDC is the Crystal Design Center, located in northeastern Bangkok, about 20 minutes north of the Sukhumvit area (without traffic). CDC is Bangkok’s one-stop home for all things design. There you can find everything it takes to build and make a home, from construction materials to flooring to furniture. 

New home builders can visit CDC with a plan on how they would like their home to look and work with the expert staff at the different outlets to design their entire home. Every element, down to light switches and fixtures, can be personalized to fit your style. 

CDC is where every major international and local brand of furniture and design materials has a store and showroom. Visitors who come to CDC for luxury furniture have a wealth of options, including such reputable names like Eurocreations, Ethan Allen, and Kholer.

CDC also has many other types of stores one would typically find at a mall, including banks, shipping agents, and restaurants.

Why Shop for Luxury Furniture at CDC

When it comes to decorating a luxury home, skimping on furniture is not a viable option. After all, a home is only as comfortable and high-end as its furniture. A cheap couch will look and feel cheap, whereas a proper designer couch will stand out and add a deluxe element to a given room.

CDC is where luxury furniture brands come to open shops in Thailand. For first-time homeowners or builders, it can be daunting to know what you are looking for with regard to furniture design. Luckily, at CDC, there are multiple different luxury brands, each with a wide array of styles and designs to choose from.

Rather than visit multiple malls or showrooms across the city, CDC puts them all under one roof. This makes it much easier for customers to complete their home decoration under one roof. Because there are so many different brands and showrooms at CDC, there are competitive furniture delivery services waiting by to help you bring your new furniture home. 

Don’t waste your time traveling and looking at low-quality furniture stores. Make a visit to CDC and find exactly what you are looking for.