They say that the only guarantee in gambling is that you will lose most of the time and this is the very nature of the game. The odds are usually stacked against the punter, but this is also part of the appeal as you try to take on and beat the house. Losing streaks are very common in gambling and last longer than winning streaks. Of course there are always those punters who will break the rules and win a huge jackpot that transforms their lives. Whether you win or lose your luck in the world of slots depends on what side of the RNG or Random Number Generator you sit on, on that particular day. Each number sequence generated is not only designed to create losing spins. Big winning spins and bonus triggering spins are also thrown into the mix as well. You can soften the blow of losing streaks by opting into casino welcome bonuses that double your deposit at a casino site. There are usually wagering requirements attached, but if you hit a losing streak, at least you are losing free casino cash rather than your own money. Free spins are also sometimes part of the package and these can help you recover some of your losses back, without having any wagering rules attached to your winnings.

Be Cautious 

If you are not a high roller with a limitless bankroll, then a cautious approach to slots gambling is best. With this attitude you will not spend more than you can afford and if a long losing streak hits you, you won’t go under due to heavy losses. If you are not a high roller or a professional gambler, then there is no need to make large bets. Slots can be played for as little as 10p a spin and this can make your balance last far longer. If you have a tendency to enjoy higher stakes gambling then you my want to take full advantage of responsible gambling tools such as deposit and loss limits. These help you to control your spending and they also get rid of the temptation of chasing your loses that is common with gamblers who have hit a long losing streak. 

Other Useful Tips 

Since losing streaks in slots is a very real reality for many punters, the games you choose to play, can influence your luck. Highly volatile slot games with low RTP or Return To Player percentage scores could actually put you on the road that leads to a long losing streak. If you want a good shot at avoiding a losing streak or breaking one, then slots with high RTP scores of over 96% should be played instead of those that are at the bottom of the RTP score league. This does not drastically cut your choice or the quality of slots you can play, as many top games have an average RTP score of around 96%. It does however give you a better advantage of turning a losing streak into a winning one.