Do you always have trouble choosing a ready-made baju melayu moden ? Baju melayu moden does not fit the body size, and the design is not what you have imagined. You are left with no other option, but to send it for alteration. That sounds like a lot of work.

Therefore, this year we will guide you to choose the right baju melayu moden! LET’S CHECK IT OUT!


Various types of fabric can be chosen as your baju melayu moden including cotton, crepe, jacquard, polyester, dull satin, silk, viscose, linen, and others. For those of you who want a comfortable fabric but still look expensive, you can choose crepe fabric because it is thin and soft and not easily crumpled.

Dull satin is also suitable because it is not like ordinary satin fabric which is smooth and difficult to rub and easily crumpled. Satin is suitable for those who like to be the centre of attention because the fabric is smooth and shiny but this fabric is easily stuck to the body when sweating.



As we are all aware, the prices are different for each type of fabric. The highest quality fabrics, durable, and more comfortable and comfortable for baju melayu moden will be more expensive compared to cheaper fabrics. But it is not wrong to choose a cheap fabric as long as you are good at choosing and evaluating its quality.

We would suggest you choose more comfortable fabrics and of better quality for your baju melayu moden n as it’s not something you wear daily. A little bit of investment for quality baju melayu moden , would not hurt. You can save a lot as it could be worn again at any other event.


Normally, 4 meters of the fabric would be enough for one pair of baju melayu moden. If you have a bigger size, it is appropriate to buy about 4 and a half meters while for those of you who have a standard body it is better to buy 4 meters

For the record, the length of four meters is enough to produce a pair of baju melayu moden  but as a precautionary measure to facilitate your tailor, it is better to buy extra meters of fabric.


Two ways can be used for you to prepare and order the custom-made baju melayu moden  from your tailor. For measurement, you can always get the tailor to help to measure it or you can also bring clothes that are ready as your measurement reference.  Two common designs of baju baju melayu moden for you to choose from; Cekak musang and Teluk Belanga.

Cekak Musang is suitable to be styled with sampin and songkok and suitable for formal occasions, Hari Raya, and various other gatherings. While teluk belanga is for those who prefer simpler clothes and eel bones are the same as Teluk Belanga but the difference is in the neck of the seam used is the type of eel bones.