The mist is clearing across San Francisco bay, and as it dissipates, pillars of red appear. Tall and majestic in the clearing sky. It’s not long before the sun burns the rest of the fog away and the full structure comes into view. A bridge stretching across the bay into the distance. You’re standing on the shores, looking across at the Golden Gate bridge. It’s a sight that’ll live long in the memory. 

San Francisco is a city with many magical moments like this. There are also plenty of things to do in San Francisco, in fact, more than enough to keep you entertained, enthralled and entranced. We look at the key places in and around San Francisco that should be top of your list? 

Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz

They may be two of San Francisco’s most iconic places, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing and experiencing them. Taking an isango! Alcatraz tour, which includes options of looking at the famous prison and dining options on bay cruises, will give you a chance to enjoy these places close up. And with walking tours to capture that perfect Golden Gate bridge shot along the shoreline. There’s no doubt these are tours that’ll make sure what you see will live long in the memory. 

In the City

Little Italy and Chinatown, yes you are still in San Francisco, don’t worry. Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, the list goes on! We haven’t even mentioned the museums or places like Madame Tussauds. San Francisco has a dining or cultural experience perfect for your needs! Hop-on hop-off tours to small group walks. You’ll soon find your way around the city!  

Sonoma and Napa Valley

Sipping on a delicate glass of red or white, with a nice dinner of freshly caught fish on the bay at Fisherman’s wharf. Ah, now that’s a perfect evening right there! You may wonder where the wine comes from and with Sonoma and Napa Valley close by you have the opportunity to find out. Take a tour out to these famous wine-growing regions and be sure to taste the wine! 

Muir Woods and Yosemite Park

Has the wine tasting made you want to get out and burn some energy? Then you have national parks that’ll offer stunning scenery and plenty of fresh air. Breathe it in! Muir Woods and Yosemite are perfect for getting out of the city hubbub. Muir Woods is full of redwoods and Yosemite, well it doesn’t have Yogi Bear, but it has geological features that are among the best on the planet! Go, explore! 

San Francisco tours come in all shapes, but what you can expect are trips that’ll live long in the memory. You will capture the true essence of this stunning American city. From its steep hills to riding the street cars. Viewing the bridge to stepping onto Alcatraz island. San Francisco is a destination that requires your full attention. Just don’t get lost in the fog!