These days it truly does seem as though everybody loves to gamble, with several million people gambling at any one point these days, something that has been made possible by the online casino explosion of the 21st century.  It is funny to think that the world’s first casino was only established in the 16th century too, because 500 years later these places are amongst the richest and grandest in the world. 

Regardless, you really cannot argue with the popularity of casino gambling in the 21st century, and one positive effect of the popularity of online casinos has been that more and more people are visiting land-based casinos now too. Gambling in a physical casino is a different kettle of fish to gambling and play online too, as there are lots more ways in which you can try and fool your fellow players. Read on for some tips to disguise your advantage when gambling on a casino table. 

Disguise your betting system or lead people to believe you are using a different one 

Some gamblers swear by them, and some actively resent them, but regardless of where you personally stand on the matter, there is no denying that betting systems are used quite extensively in casinos these days, especially be people playing popular table games such as roulette or blackjack. A great trick to use in relation to this is to consistently disguise your betting system, or even try and lead players into believing that you are using a completely different method. 

Most gamblers that use this method start off a game using one betting system, and gradually begin to change into its opposite. What this can do is persuade other gamblers to change up their betting style in relation to what they think you are doing, and this can have very positive affects. It is a method that is especially useful when you are trying to hide your advantage when gambling on a casino table. 

Wear accessories like sunglasses or baggy clothes 

In most cases the key to disguising your advantage when gambling on a casino table is to make sure you are doing as much as you can to disguise any bodily language that will give away your gambling position. This is a large reason why you can often see gamblers wearing sunglasses or baggy clothes in a casino, they are trying to disguise their body language as much as possible. 

There is nothing stopping you from doing the same either, just be aware that most casinos will most probably eventually tell you to remove the sunglasses or baggy clothes. 

Distract with conversation 

It is a little cheeky, however one of the best ways to distract players from your advantage on a casino table is to engage in conversation that you know might ruffle some feathers. It is much harder to concentrate when you are annoyed after all, and doing this will also take away any focus on your actual gambling methods.