There is always buzz around the Super Bowl no matter what. Whether you’re in it for the actual game or you solely tune in for the entertainment, this yearly event might as well be considered an official American holiday.

But just like everything, there are highs and lows to each Super Bowl. At times, it can feel repetitive but there is one thing you can do to ensure every Super Bowl is exciting: put some money on it.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So, you wear your favorite sports jersey around, and trash talk other teams, but how much do you really believe in your so-called “winning team”?

The only way to know you’re serious about your pick is to participate in Super Bowl betting. When you wager on sports, it makes the game ten times more competitive. Your eyes will be glued to the screen hoping the game plays out exactly the way you predicted.

The neat thing about betting on the Super Bowl is that many sportsbook sites offer the option to create a private betting contest between friends secured with agent payment solutions making sure your winnings are collected accordingly and sent to you, so consider setting that up before the Super Bowl rolls through. You can also check for sportsbook sites ahead of time that offer promotions and bonuses so you can maximize your bets. You can claim your Pointsbet bonus here and start betting for your favorite team!

Now, if you think you have what it takes, go ahead and plan on betting against the public. Either way, putting money toward a game is never a bad idea and it will certainly keep you on your toes.

How Does Online Sports Betting Work?

Betting online is fairly easy. Usually, online sportsbooks offer the option to download an app and you can wager on your phone that way. But if the site you’re wanting to use does not have an app available, you can just open up your phone’s internet browser and enter the site domain to directly place a bet through the site.

But before you place any bets, be sure to do your homework. Each online betting site works differently, and payment options will vary. Be sure your online sportsbook supports the way you like to wager. 

With more betting apps becoming available, there is surely an app out there for you.

Types of Super Bowl Bets You Can Place

If you’re completely new to sports betting, you most likely have the wrong idea of how betting works. You don’t always have to bet on who you think will win. 

Through online sportsbooks, you can wager on even the most obscure events that could happen. “Prop betting” has become more popular among sports bettors, and below are some real examples of what you might see for a Super Bowl prop bet:

  • “Will the Coin Toss Result in Heads or Tails?”
  • “What Color Gatorade Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach?”
  • “How Long Will It Take ___________ To Sing the National Anthem?”
  • “Will a Fan Run onto the Field During the Super Bowl Game?”

These are just a few examples of what you could bet on, but there are many more. With that in mind, betting on the Super Bowl can be really fun and you should consider hopping on this growing trend.

One person placed a $1.5 million bet on the Rams beating the Patriots on this past year’s Super Bowl alone, so imagine just how much revenue the Super Bowl altogether makes from every bettors wager in total. 

So, sports betting is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, and you’ll want to be sure you get a cut of that.

Benefits of Betting Online vs At a Traditional Sportsbook

If you’re accustomed to wagering through a regular sportsbook, you may be afraid to do so online. That’s totally understandable, but it’s important for you to know the truth on why it may be better overall for you to bet online instead.

First, understand that you are offered the same, if not more, through a betting site as you would at a land-based bookie. For example, prop betting is not an option at local sportsbook. Boring.

But rest assured, you could potentially earn the same amount of money through a betting site and are offered the same perks. Loyalty programs and high roller betting are also available online. 

There really is no reason for you to not try online sports wagering. You save yourself gas money from having to drive up to your local bookie, essentially meaning you get more money in your pocket to place even more bets.

So before Super Bowl LIV kicks off, it should be suggestion that you get familiar with a sports betting app now and try out the different wagers on current games happening. Then, when Super Bowl 2023 finally comes around, you’ll have it all down.

Create your own strategy and have at it! Once you wager online, you won’t look at another game the same without wanting to bet, trust me.

Good luck!