Everyone likes to party. Be it a holiday office party, birthday celebration or any similar celebration, people just like to let loose from time to time. Themed parties are probably everyone’s favorite type of parties. Not only are they super fun, but you also get the chance to become someone else for the night. Usually, themed parties are also full of fun activities and some amazing décor

That said, throwing an awesome themed party will require a lot of planning. You will need to come up with a theme, plan all the things to match that theme and organize some fun activities. With that in mind, here are some of the necessary steps to planning an awesome themed party. 

Decide on the themed party

Choosing a theme for your themed party is fairly easy. If you are organizing a holiday party, you can draw inspiration from the said holiday. Christmas parties are usually centered around sparkly glam and the unavoidable red, white and green colors. However, if you are throwing a themed birthday party, see if the person whose birthday it is has particular things they really like. For instance, you can choose to throw a period themed party if the person you are organizing it for is really into history. The main thing is to find a theme that offers a lot of freedom and creativity when it comes to outfit selection and décor.

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Get the matching décor for your themed party

Next, once you have chosen your theme, you need to get the appropriate décor. When decorating a space for a themed party, you want to pay attention to all the layers of the space – the ceiling, the walls, the floor and any hard surfaces. If, for example, you are throwing a casino themed party, you can really glam up the décor. Casinos usually feature a very distinct décor. Think red carpet for the floor and add some interesting atmosphere lights to the ceiling. Cover the tables with poker chips and playing cards. Hang some Inspirational quotes about luck on the walls and make the space feel lush all around. Of course, you should implement plenty of balloons and glitter into the décor as well. For some additional pizzazz, you can even get a smoke machine.

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Plan out party games and activities

Themed parties are usually so fun because the best ones are full of fun activities and party games. However, make sure that the activities you’ve prepared go well with the rest of the party theme. To use a previous example, if you’ve chosen to throw a casino party you can consider including some of the favorite casino games in it. For instance, you can set up a poker table and a Black Jack table. Those who prefer other types of games can try their luck with interesting online slot games. When coming up with activity ideas, make sure you diversify them to include something for everyone.  

Include party favors

Party favors are also a cute addition to any good party. These don’t need to be too lush or extravagant. But you should try to match them with the overall theme of the party. Color coordinate your party favor bags to match the main color combo of the party. Fill them with little trinkets that your guests can later use or hold on to as memorabilia. The trinkets should also match the style and the theme of the party. You can even go as far as to customize them for each guest, but you should do this only if you don’t have too many guests or if you’re super close with all of them. 

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Don’t forget the invites

Finally, party invites are the star of the show before the show even begins. If you manage to ace this step, you will boost the probability of everyone showing up. However, keep in mind that Facebook invites don’t really count as invitation. In all seriousness, people still love receiving mail. That’s why you should send out your invites in physical form. Additionally, you can even have them be handwritten. Of course, the style of the invite should work as a prelude to the event that’s to come. So, match them with your theme in both design and vibe so that people know what to expect. Also, make sure you note all the important details on the invite so there is no room for confusion or mistakes.

When throwing a party, you want to make sure everything is planned to a T in advance. That way you will be able to relax and enjoy the party without worrying about anything going wrong. In the end, if you organize everything well you will be able to throw an amazing themed party all of your guest will remember and talk about for a long time. 

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