The ancients said that wearing silver, healthy and wealthy will accompany. Silver ornaments have always been loved by everyone. But there are also many problems that have plagued countless people. For example, “Why is her silver jewelry getting more and more bright, but more I wear it, the more black I am?” “Do I sick because silver jewelry turns black?” In the gold and silver jewelry store, there are also clerk who tells the customer that the more the silver jewelry shines, the more your body better. Let’s solve this series of problems from the root cause. First of all, you have to know why the silver will turn black? In everyday wear, the following are common causes of blackening of silver:

  Silver is naturally oxidized in the air to form silver oxide, which is brown or grayish black. Or, if the ambient air quality in our environment is not good, it will contain some acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide, and the silver will react with the sulfur in the air to produce silver sulfide.

  The body’s sweat contains sulfur, but each person’s physical condition is different, so everyone wearing silver will have different results. Some people have higher levels of acid and sulfur in their body fluids, which can cause the surface of the silver to darken. People with weak acidity do not raise silver, and silver is prone to blackening.

  If the items that are normally in contact with acid and sulfur are relatively high, it will also cause the silver necklace photo to become black. For example, smoking all year round, spraying perfume, making heavy makeup, often using sulfur soap, and like to bathe hot springs will affect the color of silver jewelry.

  Silver and gold can not be worn together, which will cause the silver to turn yellow and lose its luster. The silverware purchased is insufficient in silver and contains many other metallic elements. These easily oxidizable metals are easily oxidized with air to darken them.

  Know the above principle, is there any relationship between silver blackening and illness? Let us first look at the reports of biological research. When our body is immune, muscles produce more hydrogen sulfide gas. When we are sick, our immune system will have a lot of immune reactions in order to protect our body. It will produce more hydrogen sulfide gas, which will make the silverware black. Therefore, people who are often sick, silver ornaments may be more likely to turn black. However, the silver is black, and there is no absolute relationship with illness. Citing the words of the attending physician of the Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: “The wearing of silver cheap personalized jewelry is black, and it is related to personal physique. There is no absolute relationship with health.”

  Under normal circumstances, when silver jewelry is worn for about half a year, the surface will naturally oxidize, the color will become dull and tarnished, and almost all silver ornaments will not be avoided. Therefore, you can’t judge your physical condition according to whether the silverware is black or not. The best way is to go to the hospital for examination.

 The first is less sweating, the body’s secretion of acid, sulfur and other content is relatively small. Then, in the daily wearing process, silver ornaments often have unintentional friction with the human body. The behavior of dithering jewelry is equivalent to polishing the silverware in disguise, and the black oxide film on the surface is slowly removed.

 There are 925 silver and pure silver on the market, plus some silver jewelry with ethnic characteristics. There are many categories. The silver content is 925‰ the imprint is S925 or Ag925, the hardness is moderate, and the chemical properties are relatively stable. The bracelets made is firm and bright, and the holding time is longer. If the silver content is more than 990‰, the mark is S990 or Ag990. Among them, silver with a silver content of 999.9‰, is currently the highest purity of silver personalized birthstone necklace.

Special crafted 925 silver refers to 925 or 990 silver jewelry without gold plating.

  • When the silverware is not worn, it should be cleaned and then collected. It is best to use a closed pocket to prevent oxidation to turn yellow and black.
  • When wearing, pay attention to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume, acid and alkaline substances, sulfides.
  •   It is best not to wear silverware for cooking, washing hands, exercising, bathing, sleeping, etc.
  • Silver jewelry should be worn with other metals or stones to prevent mutual wear and deformation.
  • If you sweat more, you can wipe the surface with a soft cloth every day. It is best to use a special silver cloth. Note that the silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed.
  • You can also use toothpaste to clean, preferably use transparent jelly toothpaste, do not use granular toothpaste, as it may damage the silver surface.
  •  When cleaning, you can rub directly with cotton cloth, then you will find black stains on the cotton. After rubbing, wash the remaining toothpaste with water and it will be OK.
  • If the above methods are not working, you can buy a special silver jewelry cleaner and clean it according to the instructions. However, such cleaners are corrosive and should not be used often.
  • Take to the jewelry store and let them help clean.