Summer is coming to an end, but I was lucky enough to go on some epic adventures. One of the best things about my summer vacations was the ease of booking them through Bookaway!

Traveling Across Southeast Asia

One of my trips was to Southeast Asia. I was a little stressed that I wouldn’t be able to plan my trip accordingly. Luckily, Bookaway was there to help since they operate in over 30 countries across the world. They had the option to travel via bus, train, car or even ferry, so I was able to experience Asia in all different ways, always getting a view of the landscape!

Traveling Stress Free

Traveling across Southeast Asia was new to me, so it was refreshing to work with a company that offers their support 24/7. Their knowledgeable team was able to help guide me through booking the most amazing trip, all with the ease of knowing they were there when I needed them. Plus, I was able to communicate with the team easily though online chats, emails and telephones. Usually traveling can be a hassle, but with the help of Bookaway, there were no hidden costs and I knew my payments were going to be secure.

Traveling and Convenience

For a smooth vacation, things need to be convenient, especially your itinerary! Bookaway not only helped me plan it, they also emailed it to me so I had everything right at my fingertips at all times. They also offer a great cancellation policy, just in case things come up, which is common while on vacation. Bookaway also offers weather cancellation policies so you don’t have to stress about mother nature ruining your plans.

I was able to completely plan my trip easily with Bookaway and they also prepared me! They answered all my questions including where there is Wi-Fi along my stops, how long certain transportation rides were going to be and more! They never made me feel silly for asking too many questions!