The online casino industry has grown exponentially in recent years, mainly thanks to improvements in technology, which make it easier to place a bet or try your luck on a slot machine. These days you can have fun wherever you are, whenever you want. Here are some of the latest technologies to look out for, which are already transforming the industry.


Gambling became simpler than ever with the arrival of the smartphone. Before that happened, you had to wait until you had access to your laptop or your computer before you could log on to the Lucky Pants Bingo site, for example, and play a whole range of titles that cover a wide range of genres from space to tropical beaches. With a smartphone, you could effectively carry a casino around in your pocket, and sites such as Lucky Pants Bingo have taken advantage of that by creating an app. This is one of the main reasons that the industry has grown so much, so fast, and why it’s expected to be worth over $80 billion by 2022.

Wearable technology has quickly grown in popularity and with the constant move towards convenience and accessibility, it’s unlikely to be long before we see people playing the latest casino games on their smartwatch.

Virtual Reality

If you’re only playing online, you could start to miss the experience of visiting an actual casino. Sitting in front of your laptop, or tapping your phone screen, just isn’t the same. Virtual reality can change that. If you put on a pair of VR goggles, you’ll be transported to a completely digital casino. You’ll be able to walk around, actually sit down at tables, and even see the other people you’re playing against.

With top online features and better graphics mean that these 3D casinos will look completely realistic, and no different to the real thing. As technology increases, they’ll only look even better. On the other hand, websites could change things up and create casinos that would never exist in the real world. Who wouldn’t want to put some goggles on and be transported to an underwater casino, or one that’s floating through space?

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You’ve probably already heard about blockchain, but might not know what it actually is. A lot of people are talking about it at the moment. In simple terms, blockchain is a kind of technology that creates a record of online data, and ensures it’s not owned by any one person or company, and no one can edit it.

In other words, it keeps data safe and secure, which is important if you’re looking to gamble online. It makes cryptocurrencies safer than ever and allows people to remain anonymous online. You can expect more and more online casinos to be using blockchain technology in the near future.

Innovation has always been a big part of the online casino industry. It’s already made gaming more fun and more secure for the players, and it’s exciting to think about what the future might hold.