Believe it or not, suits are still stylish.

And don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Every man needs at least one suit (we recommend more) in their closet. You never know when you have a wedding to attend, a meeting to pitch, a fundraiser to throw, or any other time you want to feel professional and fashionable. Wearing a suit can give you the right presence bursting respect and confidence.

Is the Suit Dead?

Don’t be planning any funerals for the suit any time soon…suits are far from dead.

Yes, suits may have been more popular back in the day, but there is still the right time and place where suits are absolutely necessary. You may not wear a suit every single day, or even once a week, but it is still something that needs to be owned. And not just any suit…a stylish, well-fitted suit!

A suit is a multi-purpose tool. And it isn’t just one thing. It is made up of different pieces that make up the masterpiece.

Suits consist of trousers, an undershirt, a jacket, and oftentimes a tie. You can mix and match to make them all work together.

Just because the look of the suit and the material has changed, doesn’t mean the suit is dead or going out of style. The suit is now more sophisticated than ever. But it is much different than your father’s suit. They are not more sleek and fashionable.

Suits continue to take over the runways. Another supportive fact that suits are far from dead. From Gucci to Prada to Dolce & Gabbana, all of the top designers still design beautiful and sharp suits. Some are with ties and some are without, but overall, suits are still trendy.

Many A-list celebs and athletes still rock suits as well. From Lebron James to Brad Pitt, suits are a statement piece that make one look professional and sophisticated.  

Are Three Button Suits Still in Style?

The traditional suit usually comes with a 2-button jacket. The top button should hit just above your navel and should be the only one that is fastened. With the two buttons on the lower part of the jacket, it creates a deep V and is ideal for showing off your tie or shirt underneath.

But, the three button suit is also a classic and if tailored well, can be a hit.

You will want it more of an European style fit and you can choose to either just fasten the middle button or fasten the middle and top button. But keeping the bottom button open. An extra button can really add a lot to a suit. It creates a shallower V shape and shorter lapels.

The three button suit is ideal for more formal occasions. These suits are not as popular as they were in the 1990s, but if it fits you right and you wear it to the right occasion, you can still pull off a three button suit.

Should I Wear a Suit Every Day?

No, most men should not wear a suit every day, unless their profession calls for it such as attorneys and brokers.

So, when is it the most appropriate time to rock a suit?

It is all about balance and of course, your lifestyle. Some men will wear suits more than others. Remember, there is always a right time and place to wear a suit.

We have a little mini checklist to make it easier for you. But if you are unsure if you should wear a suit in a business setting, go for it. When in doubt, where a suit. (Just maybe skip the tie)

Where to Wear a Suit

–       Networking events

–       Important business meetings

–       When you are representing yourself or your company in the media or in a legal setting

–       Weddings

–       Black tie events

–       Fundraisers

–       Graduations

–       Funerals

–       When you want to impress

–       When you want to distinguish yourself from the competition

How Many Suits Should a Man Own?

Suits style

Obviously, you should own at least one suit. But we suggest more so that you have options.

Yes, suits are expensive. And though they are a pain because they need to be tailored and shopping for a suit can be challenging. But owning the perfect suit is well worth all of those obstacles.

Three suits are usually ideal, just make sure they are not all in the same color. We suggest owning a black suit, a blue suit, and a lighter color suit such as grey.

Grey can be a little less formal and you can either opt for dark grey or light gray.

A navy blue suit is always unique and sophisticated.

A black suit is a great option for weddings and graduations.

Each occasion is going to be a little different and same with each suit. But you can personalize your suit and style with your shoes, tie, and cufflinks.

Owning three suits is the rule of thumb, but if you wear one every day, you will need more. You have to count the time needed for dry cleaning and you always want to have an extra clean suit on hand.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Suit?

There are four basic things you should look for when buying a new suit. Make sure you are investing in the right suit so it can last many seasons.

First, you should have an idea of what type of suit you want. A specific color in mind is always helpful from black to blue to greys and browns.

suits not going out of style

Next, consider the fabric you want. The quality of the fabric is crucial for a suit. And the better quality, the more worth those extra bucks. Wool is the most popular material used for suits. The higher the super number of the fabric, the more luxurious the wool. It is up to you how much you want to pay and how luxurious you want to get.

The fit of the jacket is going to be super important. You want a jacket to have a neat waist, slim sleeves, and a firm shoulder fit. Focus on these things to find the right jacket and then get it tailored to fit you.

Lastly, pants should always fall against the shoe. And avoid a tight waistband. You want to have a little bit of room at the waist and more snug across the hips.

Men who know fashion trends are not only more desirable, they appear to be more valuable.

Now that we have clarified that the suit is not dead and you now know what to look for in the perfect suit for you, time to shop around and treat yourself to a new suit!