Modern home design is one of the most popular home styles to date. If you happen to live in one, make sure to select the right furniture pieces to go with your beautiful and chic house. And Parker House is a household name when it comes to furniture pieces with an avant-garde appeal. Although the company offers versatile furniture, you can mostly find your favorite modern products for your home here.

Learn why this brand is the most sought-after furniture company that excels in three aspects: Comfort, style, and quality.

Parker House Furniture: A Name You Can Trust at Home

Searching for the most excellent furniture pieces doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Nowadays, a furniture company can turn your dream home into a reality by manufacturing a variety of styles fit for any home. And one name that isn’t a neophyte in the home furnishings business is Parker House.

A brand that started as a small-time family-owned business, Parker House Furniture company has created thousands of products. From casual, contemporary, mid-century modern to modern and traditional styles, this brand is committed to giving customers ultimate satisfaction and comfort.

Since 1946, Parker had opened its first manufacturing facility in downtown Los Angeles. The brand first catered to the Southern Californian market. Since creating their stunning pieces, Parker’s market has extended throughout the United States and even worldwide.

Though the market had expanded, the brand’s passion for excellence, customer service, and optimum quality has not flinched. The science and concept behind every collection are backed by over 70+ years of experience, experimentation, and craftsmanship in the furniture business. The attention-grabbing style of every piece is something homeowners won’t see elsewhere. From living room sofas, bedroom Queens, home office executive desks, library walls, and entertainment centers, you’ll find something that complements your home design.

Quality and Superb Collections

Parker House Furniture company’s drive to serve existing and new clients is deeply-rooted from the heritage of family values for over 70 years. Moreover, every craftsman delivers with a superior passion to ensure that every creation is made with love, quality, aesthetics, and durability in mind.

The company also relies on industry-leading logistics, materials, and suppliers to make sure that all Parker collections are considered as value-driven products. Furthermore, the brand also banks on 360-degree customer care to ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied before, during, and after purchase.

The inspiration behind their collections is also remarkable. For instance, the Sundance Collection offers a distinct cozy character and fashionable comfort. It is inspired by the outdoors and the true beauty of nature. From the coastlines, deserts to mountains, the craftsmanship is radiated from sophisticated details, relaxed styling, and substantial proportions.

Another stunning collection that is inspired by the rejuvenating American landscapes is the River Rock Collection. It emanates a somewhat rustic appeal yet integrates a bit of modern take on wood-centric pieces. This collection features customized hardware, metal accents, and a bold overall look that is timeless and impressive.

If you’re into the modern appeal, the Americana Modern Collection will beautify your home with modern furnishings, versatile accents, and classic, welcoming designs. It banks on a modern farmhouse look with subtle pops of colors that represent the lush mountains and crystal blue oceans.

Other Parker collections you should look into are Lancaster, Hilton, Franklin, Catalina, Huntington, and more.


If you haven’t found the perfect rustic, traditional, contemporary, or modern piece that will make your home complete, then look no further. Parker House Furniture is here to provide you with everything you need and more.