Online casino games  at are increasingly popular amongst players, they are accessible and are managing to replicate the atmosphere of a land based casino more and more with each passing year. Choosing between video online casinos or live online casinos can be a tough decision. 

What is a Video Online Casino? 

Video online casinos have been taking the world by storm, they are quickly becoming the most popular form of casino gaming, even overtaking brick and mortar casino gaming! A video online casino is a type of casino which is available on a mobile device or tablet. These casinos can be accessed through a strong internet connection and they provide players with a variety of online casino games such as poker, blackjack and the ever popular slots. The accessibility of video online casinos is one of the biggest reasons that they have become so popular, allowing players to enjoy a wide range of games from the comfort of their own living room! Video online casinos don’t feature things such as dealers yet they still manage to create a unique atmosphere which is similar to one you would find in an online casino. 

What is a Live Online Casino? 

Live versions of online casinos are incredibly similar to video online casinos as they are accessed through the internet and offer a large amount of accessibility for players. They can be enjoyed from anywhere with a strong enough internet connection. Where the live online casino differs is in their use of an actual dealer in casino games. 

●      This helps to add a degree of immersiveness in the casino games and helps create an atmosphere as close to the real life casino experience as possible.

●     Doesn’t use the RNG but instead allows players to see and hear the dealer shuffle and deal the cards for the duration of the game.

●     There are a set amount of players allowed at the table, unlike in video online casinos. Players have to be active or they risk being booted from a game. 

●     Majority of us despise to play with AI and live online casino is a great choice in playing with real people where you can communicate with them. Oxi casino roulette is the best choice to feel the real atmosphere of gambling that gives you the adrenaline and explosion of emotions just like in the real gambling house.

Key Differences 

Despite offering players the same games, there are several stark differences between video and live online casinos. Both have their own merits and benefits, but you may find that some online casinos offer differnet things. For example, whilst the traditional casino uses cash to place bets, many online casinos now use cryptocurrency. These top bitcoin casino Ireland sites are just a few examples of what you can expect from a crypto casino. Here are some more differences: 

  1. The main difference is that live online casinos utilise actual dealers whilst video online casinos instead rely on computers and the RNG. This creates a contrasting experience for players to enjoy. The players who want an experience closer to a land based experience will prefer live online casinos whilst those who are more flexible may favour the video online casino.
  2. Another difference is that the dealers add an element of immersiveness and communication for live online casinos which video online casinos do not provide. As the dealers are real people in live online casinos, players can see a rapport with them and feel more engaged than they would in a video online casino. 

Final Thoughts 

The preference of a player will depend on what they want to get out of their game, for instance if a player wants deeper immersion and a closer land based experience they will prefer live casino games.