When an igamer attacks an online free spins no deposit slot game, there are a number of attributes that need to be considered to ensure that the game will both be a lot of fun and pay them out the highest amount of cash!

A well-seasoned veteran on the igaming scene will know to pay attention to, the return to player ratio (RTP), the free spins and welcome packages that are on offer, reviews from other adjusted slots players, and, most importantly, how many paylines an online slot game has and what is the best number.

If you are confused about what the best number of paylines for an online slot machine is, then fear not. We are going to guide you through the optimum number of paylines so that you know exactly where to go to get the rewards that you deserve.

First, what is an Online Slot Payline?

Before we delve into the ins and outs of how many paylines on slots you should be aiming for is, we need to clue the newcomers and small fry into what exactly a payline is.

To put it as simply as possible:

·         You may have heard of paylines referred to as a betting line or winning line, and it means just that.

·         A payline is basically the combination of tokens and symbols that result in the lucky player winning.

·         For example, the original fruit machines that you would find in any casino or bar would usually have one payline that meant that if you matched three exact symbols, you would win.

·         We have come a long way from those standard paylines these days and now you can find an amount from anywhere above 25!

·         This means that when the reels stop moving, wins can be found not just on a horizontal axis, but vertical, diagonal, and mish-mashed around.

·         It is a good job that you are living in the 21st century because there are paylines wherever you look meaning that you have more opportunities to win than ever before!

What is the Best Amount of Paylines for the Slots?

Now that we know that paylines allow you to win in so many more ways than you used to, what is the ideal amount? Of course, every player is different and some want a high volatility game that lets you win larger amounts but at more risk, and vice-versa, but, here are what we think the best paylines for slots are:

Payline amountDescription
Many PaylinesHaving a large number of paylines allows for players to split their wager over many different bets meaning that they have a higher chance of winning. This, of course, means that their wins will be a lot less than if they put it all on one.
Fewer PaylinesImagine placing just a few specific bets down on a roulette table; that is the equivalent of having fewer paylines. You will run the risk of losing more money, but if you get to score big then you will be laughing all the way home!