fruit flies dos and donts

It’s heating up in Arizona and fruit flies are seemingly multiplying out of nowhere. Besides not leaving your doors and windows open, here are some ways to stop these tiny pests from making your home theirs this summer.

Drop-Ins Fruit fly trap

This particular trap is the most common amongst other traps, mainly due to the transparent view of flies caught and the effectiveness. Each small trap will last you about 30 days, a total of 180 days for the set of trap and is said to catch around 2x more than other traps. The “food-grade” solution is a great distraction from the fruit or compost you might have out and draws them in to the trap without an escape.

TERRO Fruit fly trap

If fruit flies are drawn to fruit, why not use an apple shaped trap? This trap will also last you 30 days of trapping and is non-toxic. The flies are also unable to escape this trap once they’ve made it inside, preventing them from breeding and multiplying.

RSVP Endurance Fruit Fly Trap

This dishwasher safe trap is one that can be used again and again. Simply fill the ceramic cup with apple cider vinegar mixture and watch the flies crawl in. It is recommended to place the cup near fruit in the kitchen for maximum results.

Fly On In Fruit Fly Bottle Trap

This trap is for our recycling fans and restaurant owners–save one of those wine bottles and use it for a discreet fly trap that is sure to eliminate the issue altogether. These are commonly used in workspace kitchens for their attractive appearance and eco-friendly nature. These are also re-usable, making it one of the cleanest fly traps available.