Being the first to conquer an entirely new market can be an exciting achievement that pays dividends for your brand. And this is what LINE advertising represents. 

The LINE app has only been in existence since 2011. But in that time it has experienced phenomenal growth due to its multi-functionality. It offers texting, VoIP calls, audio, video and image sharing as well as video-conferencing. Helped by a marketing push by LINE’s parent company in Japan, it’s quickly gaining in popularity across Asia.

LINE advertising is the app’s most recent addition. It’s an advertising platform that offers three types of ad formats and four targeting methods that can when used intelligently, increase your brand awareness and drive more users to your website. 

Brands that are heavily into marketing their products and services in the Asian countries where LINE is quickly taking off can gain an entirely new audience of users who aren’t subscribers to the older apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Even if they are users, the undeniably growing popularity on LINE can reduce the amount of time users spend on these older social media platforms. 

How LINE Advertising Works

The advertising platform of LINE charges by the number of users you reach. The wider your target, the more you pay. This can have a bearing on the effectiveness of your ad budget in countries where LINE is still an unknown quantity. You might find that your spending more and not getting the results you expect. 

LINE also currently doesn’t provide any data or information regarding the user’s history. The platform is still in development. This means that your best bet when using the platform is to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency in Asia that is familiar with how LINE advertising works.

They’ll be able to supply outside data and information that will enable you to accurately and wisely make the best choices in choosing the formats and targeting criteria. 

The platform offers web ads, video ads and app ads that each offer different features that can each affect your ad campaigns. You also have the ability to target your ads based on gender, age group, region and interests. By combining these capabilities with the information and data supplied by the digital marketing agency, you’ll have a clearer picture of the choices that will work best for your brand. 

The Future of LINE Advertising

The LINE Advertising platform can only improve over time. With their marketing push into all the countries in Asia, as well as their growing popularity in such far off countries as Chile and Spain, advertising on the platform will only increase. 

But now is the perfect time to start advertising in those countries that have wholeheartedly embraced the platform. These country’s users can be a new, untouched market for your brand’s products and services. And the sooner you learn as much as you can about the platform’s benefits and drawbacks, the sooner you’ll be able to make the most it to increase your market share.