All across the United States, people are facing difficult times that are testing their faith and resilience. In times like these, people tend to seek out spirituality as a means to cope with their struggles and build inner strength. Spirituality also offers hope in the face of bleak circumstances and peace in times of turmoil.

The problem that some people have with spirituality is that they don’t know where to start or don’t understand the new trend. For instance, in recent years, natural remedies like CBD and other marijuana products such as Delta-8 THC have soared in popularity among spiritual communities, and therefore determining what might be best for you can be overwhelming at first. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be spiritual, so your path may look different from your friends and family, and that’s okay.

Continue reading to get some tips on how to connect with your spiritual side.

1. Explore your options.

Discovering your spiritual side is really all about getting in touch with a higher power or your “higher self.” When you’re on a journey to discover the real you, be open to exploration.

If what you’ve always done was working for you, then you wouldn’t be looking for a different path. You need to be open to new experiences and avenues for learning, such as Wicca Academy, and keep in mind, your awakening may not come in the form that you’re expecting.

2. Find your tribe.

Even when it comes to your spiritual journey, there’s power in numbers. It’s edifying and strengthening when you have other people who share your desires also share in your journey. These will be the people you turn to when you need someone with whom can fellowship and share private thoughts.

If you worship regularly at a church, synagogue, or mosque, then you may be feeling the spiritual squeeze due to COVID-19 shutdowns. In some areas of the United States, it’s been a while since people have been able to congregate for religious ceremonies. Even if your place of worship isn’t having services right now, you can hold them in your home!

Cokesbury sells church supplies at affordable prices and when you buy in bulk, you can get some pretty impressive discounts. Simply place your order online, and your products will ship within days. With the right supplies, you can facilitate worship services in the comfort of your own living room.

3. Try different relaxation and elevation techniques.

There are a lot of techniques that you can try that will help you relax, and some of them may even elevate your consciousness. Rituals are apart of just about every form of spirituality, and finding your own rituals or routine will help you to stay on track once you find your path.

One of the most common means of relaxing and elevating consciousness is meditation. People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years with the goal of fostering peace, harmony, and focus in a chaotic world.

Another age-old method of relaxing and elevating is smoking cannabis. Since the earliest civilizations, people have been using marijuana and CBD for their healing and calming properties. If you need a supply, MMJ is the best website to go to for trusted marijuana retails.

Even if you don’t want the high that comes with marijuana use, you may enjoy CBD cigarettes. You may be thinking, “What are CBD cigarettes?” Well, CBD—which is short for cannabidiol—as a cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana. Unlike THC—the euphoria-inducing chemical in weed—CBD won’t get you high. However, it’s been shown to be effective against anxiety and can even help nicotine addicts quit smoking tobacco products. CBD cigarettes are simply pre-rolled joints or cigarettes with CBD in them instead of weed or tobacco.

4. Express your creativity.

Artists and other creatives are typically pretty spiritual people as well. That’s because, like spirituality, art is subject to the interpretation of the beholder. Being creative will help you connect with your inner self and ultimately your higher self.

5. Spend time in nature.

One of the premises of many spiritual doctrines is that all life is connected—some call this the circle of life. Spending time in nature will help you to realize your oneness with all life. People who spend a lot of time outdoors tend to have greater respect for Mother Earth and all that she brings forth.

6. Be appreciative.

On your journey to spiritual enlightenment, it’s important to remain in a constant state of gratitude. Remember, even when the chips are down and the walls are closing in on you, you still have reasons to be appreciative.

Gratitude opens doors to opportunities—or better yet, it allows you to recognize opportunities you might otherwise be oblivious to. Being grateful also builds resilience and helps you to remain positive.