There are many benefits for brands that opt to use an email marketing strategy, especially when it comes to the sending of newsletters. It is important to take into account a series of recommendations when it comes to the creation of newsletters, being one of them, more than an advice, a necessity: to have the support of a software that automates the workload and makes it much more effective.

Communication is an essential factor for a company to reach its customers quickly and positively. If a brand does not make itself known through the platforms most used by the public, it practically does not exist for the majority of potential customers, and this is what rivals take advantage of. A well-defined and structured communication strategy is key to gaining a foothold in markets where word of mouth is not as effective.

In this context it must be said that although social networks and blogs have emerged as effective communication channels, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective resources for reaching target audiences directly and closely, especially when it comes to the sending of newsletters, or news bulletins as they are also known.

The use of email was practically born with the advent of the internet, and such was its popularity (which continues to this day) that companies saw its great potential to establish close contact with their target audience, a usefulness that is still very effective today.

A newsletter is a digital publication that companies send by email to their subscribers with the aim of informing them about news regarding their products, services, activities or brand-related content.

Some valuable tips to consider

Email marketing in general cannot be missing in any online advertising campaign as its effectiveness has been more than proven. What should always be kept in mind is that some important recommendations must be followed in order to really get the expected results, because if everything is not done correctly, the objectives will not be met.

Sending mass mailings as a strategy to have more reach is relatively simple, you don’t have to be an expert to apply it, however, it does require support to be really effective, this is what the first recommendation refers to. There are platforms that are key for the automation of mailings, to measure reach, segment the target audience and many more important functions, so it is advisable to use one and choose it well.

Some companies even offer free or paid plans, but at very low prices, which are excellent alternatives for the development of a digital marketing campaign.

They offer additional help in developing content by making examples of good newsletters available on their websites, which serve as an excellent guide for those who are starting out and do not have a broad notion of what a digital newsletter should look like.

When it comes to the actual design of newsletters, there are a few tips to keep in mind. A very important aspect is what is known as the “subject line”, which is the email guide, the first thing the user sees in their inbox. The words in the subject line will serve as a hook for the customer, as it is the first thing that will capture their attention and make them want to open the email.

The next thing to pay attention to is the title of the newsletter, which should be precise and eye-catching. The content of the newsletter itself should be of interest and, as well as promoting a product or service, it should be useful for the potential customer or give him a feeling of scarcity, as seen, for example, in sentences like: “run, we are about to run out of stock”.

The design of the mailings as such is also very important. It must have a predominant image, a striking photo for example, and colours must be used that maintain uniformity with the visual line of the brand, with the brand the logo that must also be present.

It is also advisable to include videos, GIFs and infographics in these emails, as this enhances the message and makes it more attractive to the user.

 Advantages of sending newsletters

There are many advantages to sending newsletters. One of the main ones is that it establishes a direct line of communication with customers with a high probability that the information will be consumed, as there is certainty that it will reach their inbox, a certainty that you do not have with social networks or blogs.

When sending these newsletters, you have the option of personalizing the mailings, that is to say, segmenting the recipients, which even goes as far as identifying each person concretely, with name and surname. This is in addition to the fact that in order for a person to receive the newsletters, they have to give their consent, which is very important because it implies a positive predisposition towards the brand and a higher opening rate.

The fact that it is a very inexpensive resource is an important advantage of this marketing strategy. The use of a software to automate the work does not usually have high prices, in fact they offer free plans with similar benefits to the paid ones such as the monthly sending of up to 80 thousand emails.

Sending newsletters is not only a highly effective information and marketing strategy, it also helps to improve the visibility of the website and thus optimizes our business SEO positioning.

Sharing valuable information through digital newsletters builds trust with potential customers, but also produces the advantageous loyalty, which can even turn users into brand advocates, increasing sales opportunities. For example, if a customer is a big fan of our brand, it is likely he will spread the advantages of our products to its acquaintances. 

Another advantage of mass mailing in general is that it is easily measurable, which is quite beneficial because you can fine-tune your strategy as you go along to get the results you expect.