There are many kinds of people in the world, ranked all according to whether they like taking risks, whether they like planning for the future, or a dozen other qualities. But, even among the people who are within one set of a personality aspect, there are sometimes differences. These differences are not that hard to identify, especially if you are aware of the things you can look for in order to find them. In this case, we are going to be talking about the types of risk that a person is willing to take and often takes, and what it speaks to in terms of their personality. Risk-taking is generally associated with many positive qualities, such as courage in the case of those who stand up for themselves and others in situations where this is required. But it can also have relatively neutral or even negative connotations, such as in the case of people who like playing online slots endlessly, in hopes of winning the jackpot. So, let us explore what different types of risk-taking mean, in terms of the personality of the one taking these risks, and what it could mean for the future personality development of this person. 

The one that stands up

There is always that one person that many people look up to. The brave friend, the one that is always willing to offer resistance when something is not going their way. This could be the mildest situation. When you go into the movie theatre and somebody is sitting in your seat, despite there being countless other seats. Do you sit down in a different seat, or do you go up to the person and ask them to vacate the seat you bought your ticket for? 

The reasoning of the person who stands up for themselves (and you in this case) would be that you wanted the seat all along, you paid for it, so you should get it. Why should you allow some rando to take your seat when you want it? This kind of person will not hesitate to ask the person to move their butt out of the seat that you paid for, and they will do it without a second thought, while you might be having qualms about it being awkward and that other seats are perfectly fine. 

This very same person is the kind that would stand up for themselves if you are in a situation when somebody is trying to bully you. They would tell the bully to shove off or shove them off themselves. In the end, this is the kind of brave person that many of us aspire to be. We want to be able to tell people to go away. But these are also the kind of people who are prone to picking battles that should not be picked, sometimes going a tad too far in a situation where nothing of the sort was needed. So keep these friends, but always remind them that bravery without a purpose is a battle that need not be fought. 

The one that jumps off a cliff

This one is the type of person that likes to go on hikes, ride dirt bikes, roll down steep hills on a skateboard and is not afraid of hurting themselves when they are hurtling through the air and a hundred miles an hour, waiting for just the right moment to release the piece of cloth that will help them float down to earth without killing them. They are the person who gets down to crazy antics and is convinced that whatever comes their way they can handle, and whatever they can’t handle will make them stronger in the long run. These are also the kind of person that can get blackout drunk every night for a week straight, and they are also the kind of person that will go for any kind of drug they can get their hands on. So, you know, it is a hard balance between a jackass and an extreme sports hero. Determining which the person is can be pretty hard, but watching them do these things is extremely fun. 

Tony Hawk is the type of person that simply jumps off a cliff when they want to, which has brought him a whole lot of attention and fame globally. But your local alcoholic or Frank from Shameless is also this type of person. So, we can’t really say this is the best quality. Only that it might be a quality of a person that likes taking risks. 

The one that keeps raising the stakes

You go into a game of poker and see that the pot is very large, with only two players in the game. Neither is laying down their cards and both are simply raising the bets, meticulously, until one last all in from one side. The second player goes all-in as well. The cards turn over and one of them wins, while the other loses a whole bunch of cash. These two are the kind that will keep raising the stakes, despite knowing the risks of losing whatever they are betting. These are the people that keep doubling down on investment because they think it will come back tenfold. These are also the kind of people that keep working at their projects for as long as they can until the project finally works out and they succeed. It is both a commendable quality and one to be cautious of.