The world is facing a pandemic due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, and people are trying to find ways to occupy their time, and better their health. Many are signing up for online classes, working remotely, and trying to find new and interesting ways to help them to remember to lead a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to help, so we found some amazingly tasty treats like high quality CBDfx gummies to help you remember to stay on top of your personal well-being, as well as came up with 4 ways for you to use CBD to soothe your body and mind in the coming months.

With its ever-growing popularity and multitude of benefits, CBD has worked its way into the homes of millions of Americans, and because of this CBD manufacturers have been able to expand their line of products and offer quite a variety of ways for people to get their CBD, including finding consistent potency and high purity CBD. At first, the CBD market had just a few product options that mostly consisted of CBD oil tinctures and vaporizers/e-liquids, but now you can buy anything from CBD facemasks, creams, and topicals, to CBD drinks, dog treats, and even CBD infused with things like melatonin which has been known to help people with sleep related ailments such as insomnia.

People around the world have learned to not only love and trust CBD oil, but to utilize it for its almost unending list of potential benefits. Though this incredible compound has not yet had enough scientific studies done on it for manufacturers to legally make claims about specific benefits, the amount of user testimonial was enough to convince us, so we put together a list of four ways to use CBD during the difficult months ahead to help stay on top of your personal well being in a way that is fun, easy to remember, and down-right relaxing. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a look at some of the fantastic ways that CBD can make all this social-distancing a little more bearable.

  1. Incorporating CBD into your daily diet.

Some of the most beneficial things in life should be done regularly; exercising, eating healthily, calling your in-laws, but unfortunately these important parts of life are not always the most enjoyable. One of our favorite things about CBD is that it is both chock-full of benefits that are unique to everyone who utilizes it, but it is often presented in ways that are quite delicious. This makes it incredibly easy to incorporate CBD into your diet, as depending on your preference, it could be something as fun and easy as treating yourself to a CBD gummy, or lemon flavored CBD beverage.

We recommend taking a look at the offerings from a reputable CBD brand, and choosing a delicious way for you to incorporate CBD into your daily diet. Find something that is just right for you, and will make taking your CBD everyday a tempting prospect. It might be a CBD chocolate bar, or it might be some tasty little CBD gummies, but these days there is something for everyone, and you are sure to find what’s right for you.

  1. Take a CBD Spa Break

This is one of our favorite ways to utilize the awesomeness of CBD during the lockdowns and social distancing that we are all facing with this pandemic. Things are stressful to say the least, and it can be hugely beneficial for both your body and mind for you to take a step back from it all, and try to relax a bit. That’s why we put together an imaginary CBD spa day that will have you feeling like your own essential business. We want you to kick your shoes off, close the mobile office that your computer has become, and take a little “you” time with our awesome CBD spa day.

First, like we said, you must close your computer, books, or whatever you are working from at home. If you are still going into work you should probably stop, but if you can’t then you deserve this spa treatment more than almost anyone. After you have closed the work station, kick the shoes off and go sit in your favorite chair in your favorite room. Bring with you a delicious CBD treat like gummies or CBD chocolate, and just indulge for a moment. Eat something you find delicious that is loaded with tasty CBD. Then we recommend you take a bath or shower to warm and relax the body. When you are nice and relaxed after bathing, take some CBD calming lotion and rub it on. Believe us, it’s not called “calming lotion” for nothing. Finish by putting on a CBD aloe face mask, to soothe the skin and further relax the soul.

  1. CBD treats and goodies

Everyone deserves a sweet treat right now. Being a human is tough, and right now it’s getting tougher. That’s why we recommend you find some tasty CBD treats to keep up with your personal wellness and give yourself a little treat for doing so. CBD comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and forms these days, so if you take a look around you are almost certain to find your favorite type of candy infused with CBD.

  1. CBD Infusions

Last on our list, but most certainly not least is the use of CBD infused with awesome compounds like biotin or apple cider vinegar, or melatonin. We would like to touch on the CBD with melatonin especially because with so much uncertainty and stress in the world, a lot of people are losing a lot of sleep. Melatonin is a fantastic and all natural compound that has been used in countless remedies for many years. It helps immensely to take a couple CBD+melatonin gummies about thirty minutes before you plan to sleep. Not only are they a delicious way to finish the day, but they also help whisk you away to a gentle goodnight