Packing up can be stressful.

Follow these tips and the chances of forgetting something will be close to 0%.

Here are 5 practical rules that every truly experienced traveler knows by heart.

  • Make a list

Make a list of things to take on vacation. A checklist makes the difference! To some, it might seem an exaggeration but it is the same people who are forced to buy a new toothbrush with each trip!

Create a list of everything you think you are going to need during your vacation. In this first phase, it is not strictly necessary to be thrifty, write everything you go through your mind! Then you will make a selection of the really essential things.

  • Programming is everything

Start at least 3 days before departure: Programming is everything!

Start early to think about what you’re interested in taking on the road. Once you have completed the list and selected the really essential things you may need to rush to buy something that you don’t currently have.

  • Bring fewer things possible

This rule applies to ladies, as far as clothing is concerned, and for gentlemen, as regards technological equipment. If on the one hand women do not succeed in giving up a vast choice of clothes, clothes, and shoes. On the other hand, the boys cannot do without Ipad, pc, reflex, external hard drive and so on. Needless to reiterate the concept: all these things are not essential for a dream vacation.

  • Be methodical

Prepare your luggage properly. Do you know the Tetris? Well, put years of videogame experience to good use and optimize the available space. The shoes go to the bottom of the suitcase. Then you can add clothes, t-shirts, and trousers, in the empty spaces undergarment and accessories and finally the overcoat. In this way, you will be able to bring in many more things.

  • Don’t forget your sunnies

Wherever you will go, whether in the mountains, at the seaside or in the city, you will need sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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