So, you were chilling and vaping your favorite e-juice someday. Suddenly, your eyebrow became wrinkled because of a weird plastic taste from the vape pen. And, you have no idea what is going on! There are several reasons behind a vape pen that tastes like plastic. There is nothing to worry about because it is a common vaping issue. In this post, we are sharing some facts that should clarify them.

Why does your vape pen taste like plastic?

A vape pen never should taste like plastic unless there is something wrong inside. Vape juice can taste like many other weird forms. But, perceiving e-liquids like plastic has two common reasons.

Perhaps, you are inhaling an almost empty vape pen unintentionally. This is a common reason for plastic taste when vapers forget to refill the tank. 

The second common reason is, the coil of the vape pen is not submerged in the e liquid somehow. Thus, the coil has been dried out and it feels like plastic or burnt.

Other weird tastes you may experience

You may experience other weird tastes like plastic taste. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Harsh taste: Before you use nicotine in e-liquid, you need to be habituated to it. If you have never had it before and are inhaling it for the first time, the taste will feel harsh.
  • Unpleasant taste: This might happen due to the poor quality of your vape juice. If you are confident with the e-juice quality, then surely it happens due to the poor manufacturing material of your vape device.
  • Chemical taste: E-juices are manufactured with tight standards. In case you are buying cheap and low-quality e-liquids, you may experience chemical alike taste.
  • Soap taste: You may feel soap taste due to two reasons. First, you tried cleaning the vape pen with a cleaner and they were left inside accidentally. Second, your taste buds have been damaged due to a heavy vaping habit.

Causes of burnt hit

Burnt hit is relevant to the plastic taste. As we have mentioned before, a burnt hit occurs due to the insufficiency of e-liquids in the atomizer. Check out some common reasons for a burnt hit as well.

  1. When your vape pen lacks e-liquid, it starts burning the wick and it smells like burning cotton or a piece of plastic.
  2. Insufficiency of e-liquid is not the only reason for a burnt hit. It may occur due to uncontrolled wattage as well. If you set the wattage too high, the wick can be burnt too, even if there are sufficient e-juices in the atomizer.
  3. VG is thicker than PG. For this reason, it doesn’t perform well on devices with small holes. Most devices are designed to use vape juices with a 50:50 ratio. If your device is not well compatible with VG and you use VG too much, chances are it won’t function properly and the wick channel will be burnt gradually.
  4. The most common reason for experiencing burnt hits is to avoid priming the coil. The negligence will definitely result in a burnt hit.

Possible solutions to avoid such tastes

You can avoid these common issues if you are a smart vaper. 

Before you start inhaling, ensure that your vape pen is filled with sufficient e-juices. Besides, check if the coil is perfectly submerged.

Vape pens are designed to perform well with the recommended PG/VG ratio. If you use it the wrong way, it will damage the device as well as ruin your vaping experience with an odd taste. Learn about your vape pen in-depth. 

Moreover, always prime your coil properly to avoid a burnt hit. Set the wattage at the recommended level as well.

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