It is better to be safe than sorry at all times. Whether it was in a restaurant or a (public) toilet, we have all seen the yellow plastic cone with the warning caution wet floor, stating that cleaning is in progress. It will take the cleaner little to no effort to pull out the warning sign and therefore protect others  from slipping or getting wounded. The same goes for anyone who has a responsibility while doing the job. For example, as a cab driver or trucker, it is of importance to know your body and in what circumstances you are not able to drive and do your job. You should take a break after every few hours in order to restore the focus.

Safety policies

It is very important to fulfil all safety requirements on the job for yourself, your colleagues and the company. If not, you could get fired or bring others in danger. If the company is not in compliance with the (safety) requirements, specific departments need to come in action in order to save the company as a whole. The worst case scenario could be a complete shutdown of the company due to the lack of compliance or due to simply endangering staff and/or customers. 

When it is time for a company to prove compliance to government officials, that is when EHS software comes in handy. It is an application that, among other advantages, replaces an important part of a business’ paperwork. Nowadays, regulations change a lot and are therefore hard to keep track off. Having the law, rules and regulations on a paper manual basically means that as a business you contribute to polluting the environment, as an endless amount needs to be printed because of the constant changes in regulations. Staff, on the other hand, do not read a paper manual like that anymore. By making use of a digitized manual in the form of an application instead, staff will have access to the cloud whenever they want and need. This will make them more aware of the policies. Also, research has shown that it could eventually improve productivity. More information on the EHS software can be found on


In the company’s policies important cases that vary from having a driver’s licence all the way to the obligation to take breaks after a certain amount of hours are noted. We have probably all seen truckers swinging on the highway, which is in most cases the result of a lack of focus. Nonetheless, it is very dangerous and it is something that could easily be avoided by taking a simple break from driving. In order to keep the streets safe, all drivers are being held accountable for their misdoings. Therefore, they should take safety seriously in every scenario.