Summer is right around the corner, and with it, our long awaited holidays. Most of us spend the whole year eagerly waiting for our summer holidays, and we all want this experience to be just perfect. If you want to have the whole dream holiday experience, there is a place we can not stop recommending for your next holiday: Altea. Renting a luxurious villa in Altea will allow you to relax and have fun in a way you have never experienced before. 

Discovering Altea

In the eastern coast of Spain, in the province of Alicante, we find Altea, a small coastal town that has become a top tourist destination over the last years. Altea is a town with a lot of charm and places to discover. It holds the title of Valencia’s culture capital thanks to its many monuments and beautiful historical landscapes. If you are considering Altea as a destination for your next holidays, there are some places you definitely can not stop visiting during your trip:

The historic quarter

Altea’s historic quarter is a must-visit to any history lover or anyone wanting to experience Mediterranean culture. This neighbourhood offers a delightful view, since it is full of artisan shops, cobbled streets and traditional Mediterranean white buildings. 

It has some very pretty squares like La Plaça de L’Aigua or Plaza de la Cruz, impressive monuments like Iglesia de la Señora del Consuelo and a beautiful viewpoint from which you will be able to see Altea from above. 

The Boardwalk and the port

As with most coastal towns, a big part of life in Altea is centred around its Boardwalk and port. The Boardwalk has impressive views of the coastline, making it the perfect spot for a summer walk. It is full of restaurants and bars that offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine, especially fish food and rice dishes. 

From here, we can go to Altea’s port, which is an impressive view on its own. It can host up to 500 vessels, and if you visit it in the late afternoon, you can see the fisherman returning to the port with the catch of the day. 

Roda’s beach

Roda’s beach is Altea’s most popular beach. This breathtaking beach with crystal clear waters is the perfect spot to relax during your summer holidays, since it is less overcrowded than most touristic beaches. Near this beach you will be able to find many shops and bars, so you would have access to everything you could need to relax and have fun under the sun.

Renting a luxurious villa during your holidays.

One of the most important aspects we need to keep into account when planning for our summer holidays is the lodging. It is not the same to stay in the typical tourist hotel than staying in a luxurious villa, regardless of both being located within the same tourist destination.

Nothing equals the experience of renting your own private villa for your summer holidays, therefore, we strongly suggest that you check out villas to rent in Altea, especially the villas listed by Las Nereidas. Las Nereidas has luxury villas for rent in the urbanizations of Altea Hills and the Altea Mascarat Marina Beach, possibly the two most luxurious and exclusive urbanizations in Altea. 

Renting a luxurious villa is the perfect option for your summer holidays, since it offers you all the commodities you could wish for while granting you and your family more privacy. All the villas that Las Nereidas group rents are equipped with a private luxurious pool for you to enjoy with your family, as well as your own private garage. The kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. are all equipped and ready to use, so you can start enjoying your stay in the villa as soon as you get in. 

Overall, having access to your own luxurious villa will allow you to enjoy the same commodities as a hotel would, while feeling like you have your own home.