We’ve all heard the saying “real men wear cowboy boots.” Well, they’re not wrong. Cowboy boots are a statement piece and a great fashion choice because they can help the person wearing them feel more confident. They can also show off their owner’s enhanced sense of style and draw attention to them. Cowboy boots have remained a popular choice in fashion throughout the decades. Consider the following important reasons why cowboy boots should be part of your wardrobe.

Cowboy Boots Are Fashionable

Aside from respecting the history of the boots themselves, wearing a pair of cowboy boots with your head held high takes guts. The fashion world can be fickle. If you want to stand out, a pair of cowboy boots should be on your shopping list. They are easy to pair with a shirt and jeans, and they carry the outfit all on their own. Some men will have their boots tailored, which is what men in the days of the Old West did. Tailoring a pair of boots creates a more individually customized, comfortable fit, and this tailoring helps the boots to last longer.

Cowboy Boots Are Better for Your Foot Health

Cowboy boots are more than simply fashionable. They’re also functional. Brady Rhodes, DPM, a specialist in foot and ankle surgery, swears by wearing cowboy boots because of their built-in heel lift. Her advice is to look for a pair with more room in the toe, as well as a pair that features exotic leathers such as ostrich, because this type of material can be more forgiving. Whether your style involves jeans in or jeans out of the boots, your feet will thank you.

Cowboy Boots Are Safer and More Secure Than Other Shoes

What’s better than a man who knows his history? Cowboy boots are rich in history

Western-style boots don’t have laces for safety reasons. If a cowboy fell off his horse, the laces could get tangled in the stirrups and his horse could drag him. 

This level of design was created for safety and security, which is exactly what you want on your feet all day. Cowboy boots were created for functionality, and they’re an obvious choice for a hard worker.

Cowboy Boots Can Give You a Boost of Confidence

Cowboy boots are an attention-grabbing accessory since they tend to stand out among other items of clothing that you’re wearing. They come in a variety of materials, colors, designs, and finishes, and they are far from subtle. If you can muster up the courage to wear your boots like you mean it, no matter what style someone might enjoy, people will look at you with respect knowing that you’re bold enough to rock some cowboy boots. It’s true: The best item that you can wear is confidence.

An attractive set of cowboy boots will bring you confidence, attention, and security. To have all three of these features in a set of boots is invaluable. Real mean run with confidence, and real men wear cowboy boots.

Image via Flickr by emerson12