If you are planning a beautiful destination wedding, you have worked through every detail to create the perfect event. Your honeymoon deserves the same attention to detail. While the wedding marks the event where you join together for life, your honeymoon is the first celebration of you as husband and wife. Your honeymoon should be a magical time where you come together in love.

More and more, couples are looking to make their honeymoon a truly memorable time. One of the ways to do this is to select the perfect romantic honeymoon villa on luxuryretreats.com. These stunning estates offer  beautiful surroundings, comfort and elegance. They are the perfect way to celebrate your love as you start your new life as a couple.

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Southern California

Southern California is the perfect place to celebrate a honeymoon in style. Whether you are touring Beverly Hills or enjoying the sweet ocean breeze in Newport Beach, Southern California is a dream come true. With nearly endless sun, surf and celebrities it has a magical, fairy tale feel. The honeymoon is your time, so feel free to cocoon in your villa, enjoy time in the sun by the pool or share an alfresco meal on your private balcony under the stars. If you like, you could go people watching on Rodeo Drive and stop off at one of Orange County’s food halls for a takeout feast to enjoy at your villa. And remember to enjoy the amazing Southern California sunsets as you walk on the beach hand in hand.

South Island of New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island is a visually stunning masterpiece. As you drive around the island you will be drawn to many ethereally beautiful spots. From your villa on the South Island you can explore everything. Visit Mount Cook and enjoy hiking the flower-filled meadows while clouds dance over the 14,000 foot mountain peaks. Pull over at a lake or river and see the azure blue-grey water that is the most beautiful color in the world. The glacial silt flows down these blessed rivers and gives them the special color you will remember for years. As you drive past gentle green hills  lined with purple wildflowers you will feel like the South Island is your personal national park. 

Further exploring will take you to a waterfall in a tropical rainforest and a pristine hidden beach where you can enjoy a picnic as only lovers can. The end of your day might find you seeing a glacier before you head back to your villa to enjoy the blissful luxury there. The next morning is the perfect time to cuddle up on the sofa at your estate and enjoy morning coffee in front of the fireplace.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is truly a lover’s paradise and your luxury villa will allow you to enjoy all the island has to offer. Hawaii is the place for sensuality, love, romance and sharing your heart with the one you love. The warmth of the ocean breeze, the scent of plumeria in the air and the magnificent flowers in full celebratory bloom will enliven your senses and take you to another realm. When you awaken at your villa, you will be greeted by the sweet song of tropical birds. 

Pack a picnic and you will be ready to explore the wonders of Maui. Hike through a bamboo forest to a hidden pond that is perfect for lovers, with its own tropical waterfall. Drive the road to Hana and you’ll be greeted by incredible flowers and the waterfalls’ melody. Journey to the top of Haleakala and view the full moon after you’ve blissed out on the beach for the afternoon. When you return to the luxury and comfort of your private estate you can enjoy all it has to offer and sleep in sweet honeymoon bliss.

Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii truly unique, with a mix of temperatures, landscapes and ocean to explore. Once you have settled into your luxury estate and enjoyed your first honeymoon night it may be time to explore. The chef’s kitchen at your tropical estate is the perfect place to prepare a picnic to share on the beach later in the day. There are beautiful beaches on the west side of the island with white sand that goes forever and gentle surf. It’s the perfect setting for lovers who can be side by side as they enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Along the highway you’ll see dark volcanic lava fields where people have a tradition of spelling out messages with white coral. You could stop and write your love a honeymoon message there. At Kealakekua Bay you can stop and see dolphins swimming there. On the east side of the island you will find a world of greens and blues in every hue known to the human eye. If you come on the right day, you will be able to attend the Hilo market and feel the incredible love and aloha of the Hawaiian people. When you return to your luxury retreat, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful bath in your jacuzzi tub or share time around the pool as you gaze at the sea of stars above. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your honeymoon and your love.

When you are planning your honeymoon, you can create a once in a lifetime experience by reserving a luxury villa at your destination. You will always remember the romance, the love and the amazing beauty of your honeymoon location and your beautiful home away from home.