Most of the time, healthy eating is pretty much the same for men and women.  The difference really shows when you consider a woman’s need for certain nutrients.  The various stages of a woman’s life mean that she needs a different set of nutrients.  

If you’re working to build a healthier lifestyle, getting your nutritional needs locked down is important.  We all know it’s healthy to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, but what other specifics will help keep a woman’s body healthy?

Here is a quick look at some healthy eating tips for women that can help you get a jump start on your goals.  

A general overview of your needs

There are some general guidelines that will help you make better dietary decisions throughout your day.  Check it out.  

  • You need to eat at least three one-ounce servings of brown rice, wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, or wheat flakes. 
  • You need three servings of dairy unless you’re lactose intolerant.  If you are lactose intolerant, substitute dairy with calcium-rich, plant-based foods and drinks. 
  • Five ounces of lean meat every day is necessary for healthy muscles and energy production.  If you’re not a carnivore, eat beans, tofu, and nuts instead.  
  • Your body needs three cups of veggies each day as well.  Leafy greens and other colorful veggies are essential to your overall well-being, and they help fight against a long list of ailments.   

Women need a good source of iron

Iron is a vital key to women’s health, especially in the years before menopause.  Foods like turkey, pork, fish, kale, spinach, beans, and lentils are great sources of iron.  

If you are using a plant-based food to satiate your body’s need for iron, try pairing it with a food source rich in Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps the body to more thoroughly absorb the iron in your food. 

Folate and folic acid are useful for reproduction

If you ever plan on having children, your body will need plenty of folate (or folic acid) to guard against your future children having a series of birth defects.  Eat lots of peas, leafy greens, and citrus fruits to get a healthy dose of folate each day. 

Calcium and Vitamin D are vital

Women need plenty of calcium in their daily diet to maintain bone density as they age.  A woman’s body needs calcium even more when she is pregnant. A fetus drains the mother’s body of valuable nutrients, and calcium is one of them.  

Protect your bones and teeth by eating plenty of calcium rich foods.  You body’s need for Calcium increases as you age.  Click to read more!

A few things you should limit 

Women react differently to certain foods, and there are some specifics you should limit from day to day.  Avoid excess when it comes to sugar, saturated fats (fried foods), and booze.